How to set up a Facebook dating account

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Finding love should not be conventionally meeting someone at the mall or hitting on someone at the club. You can also meet that special one online and be able to make it work. Over the years online dating has evolved into something very convenient and generally acceptable with the invention of tinder and many others. Facebook in turn has taken advantage of that opportunity by creating Facebook dating amidst its social media platforms.

What is Facebook dating?

Facebook brings a lot together of people together throughout the globe. Presently, it has added the dating feature. Facebook dating site makes it readily possible for individuals to meet that special one. It offers the same features as tinder and makes it convenient because of its ability to gain direct access to your Facebook account. It was launched in 2018 in over 17 countries, including Germany, Italy, Romania, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia, Poland, Finland, Hungary, and Denmark. Categorically, it can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Structurally, its activity is based on Facebook activities to help users create a dating profile. It provides dating options, groups, events, and mutual friends on the Facebook app which helps pair with similar people. Facebook is at the advantage of tapping into servers and covering a larger user interface.

It is a free-to-use app and for now, it is available for use on all Android and iOS devices. By navigating to the top right menu on the main Facebook app you can tap into the dating app mainframe. Want to find love too? start right up! Facebook dating.


There are no particular requirements except you must be above 18 years and above to create an account.

How to set up an account

  1. Firstly, open the Facebook app on your device.
  2. To access the dating feature, tap on the three lines at the top right corner.
  3. In all shortcuts, tap dating.
  4. Follow all the necessary steps and Facebook will import details from your Facebook account. To change that, tap the pencil and X to remove the unwanted.
  5. Specify personal details and your location if needed so it can match you with people around you.
  6. When done, tap confirm to publish your profile.
  7. Now you’re on the dating app, there are three buttons: profile, liked you, and matches. You’d also see a gear icon at the top right.

Main features of the app

  • Profile: This option helps you set your dating profile. It gives you the opportunity to add or remove photos, add introductory text, change your status, and also include hobbies and interests.
  • Liked you: This button allows you to see the people who liked your profile. It also gives the room to remove or like them on this page. If the like button was chosen by both parties, the movies to the matches category.
  • Matches: Immediately both parties like each other, it appears at the top of this page. To chat with this person, tap on the photo of the user. previous conversations appear in the lower half of the section.
  • Gear: You can fit your match by adding features like age, distance, and more.
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Tap on the heart button to like the profile of your proposed match or the X to dislike while the middle button of the page is for viewing their pictures. Just like tinder, you can swipe left to dislike and right to like. You can your app to Instagram by tapping the three dots close to the option INSTAGRAM under the general tab.

Furthermore; on the more to-explore page there are other options that include: the ability to review past profiles in the SECOND LOOK menu, GROUPS IN COMMON; similarly it groups you with people who belong to the same group as you, and SECRET CRUSH creates a romantic option in which you can add someone secretly either from Facebook or Instagram to get the person notified as your crush. If you are marked back, your identity would be revealed. Lastly is the EVENTS IN COMMON which allows Facebook to suggest a match based on events signed up by you.

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Deleting an account

Now you know how to create an account, here are tips on how to delete one.

  • Go to gear which gives access to settings.
  • Tap on general.
  • Finally, delete the profile.
The general section on facebook dating app. Features share the love, account, notification settings and delete profile.

However, need to take a break from the app? There is a take-a-break option found in the general menu. This option allows you to get back to the app whenever you decide.

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