How to Advertise on TikTok – Complete Guide

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Unlike other social media spaces, Tiktok is an app for not only meeting people but majorly short-form videos. It hosts a lot of entertainment-based attributes ranging from skits, music videos, dance challenges, and pranks. Launched in 2016, it records the highest level of popularity in 2022. With the use of hashtags and challenges, brands are able to utilize TikTok to its full potential when it comes to marketing and full brand awareness. Based on its level of popularity and use, it has become a great place to reach your target audience effectively. It is a platform that reduces the long process of getting feedback from customers.

Talking about TikTok and business might seem unrealistic but it is super juicy. The infinite opportunities, the viral trends, the easy way to get across to your target audience, and most importantly the less stress it gives. TikTok has overall over 1 billion users meaning the level of engagement is super huge. Let’s not forget the predominating rate of Gen z on the app. This not only increases the number of customer rates but gives old and new businesses a high thriving rate. With the introduction of TikTok business and TikTok shopping “a place where entertainment meets commerce”, the app is no doubt a good place for business.

Optimizing these opportunities does not just involve signing in to the TikTok business app. It involves connecting through hashtags, trending topics, and tapping into viral content for the benefit of your brand.

Getting used to this line of marketing can be challenging at first, especially for a new user. This makes this article a must-read. With the simplified, I trust you would be on your way to maximizing TikTok to its full potential business-wise.

Why choose TikTok?

I can not hide the fact that despite big brands making use of Google ads and Facebook for marketing they also need TikTok. If not for the audience but because of lots of creative shots on the platform. The space is centered on entertainment which is the bedrock of this new generation making it possible for businesses to thrive there. That is more viewers and more customers.

Users of this app not only download this app, but they are also actively present on it. This is because of its engaging content.

Small businesses can 100% tap into these benefits too. In fact, if you own a small business then TikTok is strategically the best marketing app presently.

What are the types of TikTok Ad formats?

Likewise other marketing apps there are types of TikTok advertising formats.

Branded Hashtags format

Branded hashtags are a type of TikTok advertising format that entails the use of hashtags created by brands to engage other TikTokers. Contents are made around these hashtags. These hashtags are exclusive to a particular event or campaign, therefore, gaining the right audience won’t be a problem. This is however dependent on using the right and enticing hashtags for your brand. An example of a branded hashtag is the #worldseries.

Top view format

These are ads that appear at the top of a user’s feed whenever they open the app. They last more than 20 seconds, and they show up amongst all users which makes it the largest ad format on the app. This means it is a great way to advertise businesses and brands alike.

Branded effects format

This is the use of images of brands to make effects that users use to make content. This includes the use of stickers or filters with a brand product to increase engagement. It is an easy way to get promotions with little or no effort because of its high viral rate.

In-feeds format

The in-feed ad is similar to the ads found on Snapchat and Instagram story feed. They are seen on the for you page, have up to 60 seconds of play, and are skippable. It uses the click-through rate, impressions, views, and engagements to calculate campaign success.

Brand takeover format

This format can include top-feed, top view, in-feed, and branded hashtags in use at the same time. It gives the opportunity for a brand to take over the app for a day with image or video ads that run for up to 5 seconds. Unlike in feeds, they are not skippable. Impressions and click-through rates are used to calculate the success of a brand takeover.

Modes of TikTok Ads

Gradually, learning how to sail your way through the app is becoming simple and interesting right? It then becomes quite easy as time goes on. The most interesting part is you can choose to allow the TikTok ads manager to handle your ads algorithm or you can do it yourself. In the various modes, you would be in charge of defining your ad, creating your campaign, and independent ads.

Simplified mode

This is a more simplified and candid way to create an ad. This gives TikTok the work of handling algorithms and sorting them out.

Custom mode

This mode gives advertisers control over their ads giving them customized and advanced options.

Either mode is changeable, you can switch between both.

Setting up an account

Now the fun starts. Setting up a TikTok ad account should not be a problem at all, it is just like setting up a Facebook ads account.

An example of a tiktok business signup page featuring email and phone details.
  • Give a description of your business.
A picture of the describe your business page on tiktok ads manager.
  • Include your billing information.
The billing information page of tiktok ads manager containing spaces for billing address.
  • Set up payment type.
A page containing the Payments type.
  • Select ads manager mode.
Select modes page for tiktok ads manger.
  • Gradually build your ad.
Tiktok ads manager campaign page
  • Finally, review and submit the ad.
The review page of the tiktok ads manager featuring the campaign and ad group.

The last step is review takes up to 24hrs but to avoid such delay, the best way is to be positive that ads meet up the requirements. This includes the landing page delivering what the ad states, fitting the product name of the ad, do not download files automatically to the user’s phone, and being functional and mobile friendly.

Also, the ad should match the caption, not be blurry, and should not include any prohibited products or services. This includes the promotion and sale of any form of deceptive and unlawful products and services.

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