How to Promote and Market Your Business with Google Ads (Adwords)

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Marketing is a different ball game entirely and you won’t want to miss it when it comes to your business. Marketing is the bedrock of any business and handling it strategically with the effective and necessary tools is essential. Whether a business hits the appropriate target audience depends on the marketing department of that product or service delivered. Google has a wide range of audiences who would always be in need of a certain product or service and that makes them the widest marketing department in the world of business. With over 3 billion users, google is definitely the place to market products.

Google Ads which was previously Google Adwords has noticeably become the most popularly used website around the world. Since its upgrade in 2018, its availability has drastically increased. Google ads provide stronger and more strategic paid marketing attributes depending on how many clicks they generate which increases the possibilities for new buyers.

In this write-up, you would learn more about Google ads and the services it has to offer. Also how to navigate your way through the google ads and use them to your own advantage.

About Google Ads

A picture if the google ads logo.

Google Ads is a platform under Google that is basically used for online advertisements. Google Ads in layman’s terms is a platform where marketers bid for the marketing of products online briefly. The ads can be on search engines in google or videos and apps. This is possible with the pay-per-click (PPC) format. The pay-per-click is an online method of getting traffic where an advertiser pays based on the number of clicks the ad generates. The pay-per-click method works by minimizing the cost of advertising while achieving set goals and also calculating the number of attention an ad is getting. Google Ads and many other online advertising platforms adopt pay-per-click because of its effectiveness and cost minimalization.

It is no news, everyone technically uses google. Unlike other online methods of advertising and marketing products like the use of social media ads which require logging in to the app, google ads show up on the search engine results page. The search engine results page (SERP) showcases these products at the time a customer clogs a search on google search. Its features overall make it possible for more target audiences to be met.

More about google ads

There is certainly more to know about google ads like terminologies and what to have in mind if google ads are not serving you right. Firstly, we would start with terminologies. They help understand fully what you want and what you are looking forward to when working with google ads.

Terminologies in Google ads

  • Pay-per-click: This is a method of advertising where the advertiser pays pay-click on an ad. In the world of advertising, this method is most used. Learning all that entails in PPC is very much important on google ads.
  • Type of campaign: There are more than 6 campaign types. Knowing what suits your business is as important as your marketing and advertising strategy. They range from local, shopping, video, display, search, and even discovery.
  • Keywords: These are words used to suit your ads according to searches of users. They are very important in terms of advertising campaigns in search engines. They make it possible for users to get across your product according to their needs. It is convenient to say the right keywords attract the right customers.
  • Click-through rate (CTR): Click-through rate helps rate the performance of your ads. It is the number of clicks an ad gets over the ad’s display. It generally shows how well your ads are doing, and if your ads are reaching the right audience too.
  • Bidding: As we all know, bidding is offering a price for payment. Consequently, it is the same in google ads. An advertiser states the amount willing to be spent per click on an ad. An increase in the amount provides proper placement for the ad. Either by cost per click, cost per mile, or cost per engagement.
  • Ad rank: As the name entails, it shows your ad placement. The increase in rank, the more clicks you attract.
  • Quality score: This calculates the quality of an ad by the quality of visits on the page, click-through rate, previous scores of the search engine results page, and the importance of the keywords.

How to use Google Ads

Setting up a Google ads account is pretty easy. Here are steps you can use to get started.

A picture of the start now page on google ads featuring the google logo.

You can sign in with a new google account or set up a new one.

  • Secondly, add your proposed business name.
The picture featuring contents of where to Input your desired business name on google ads.
  • Include your website.
A picture of the Input your website page on google ads for advertising.
  • Choose your advertising goal.
A page where you decide what your goals are. Features the get more calls and get more visits spaces.

  • Create your ad. Google provides an outline on how to do this. Do well to make it as creative as possible.
A picture on google ads features the Promote your business with your ad page on google ads.
  • Select keywords that suit your brand.
A picturing the select keywords themes page to match your ads. Features breakfast restaurant, all day breakfast and breakfast with cocktails.
  • Choose your ad location.
A picture of the show your ad in the right places page on google ads. Features a google map, advertise your address option and a white background.
  • Set your budget.
Set your budget page on google ads. Features the select a budget option with the US dollar$ as an example.
  • Review your campaign.
A picture of the review page on google ads features campaign name, campaign goal, your website and business name.
  • Lastly, confirm payment.
A picture of the confirm your payment page on google ads. Features billing country, time zone using the (GMT+01:00) Nigeria time as an example.

Types of google ads campaign

Now you know how to set up a google ad account and how to set up an ad, here are the different types of campaigns. A google ads campaign makes up of one or more ad groups. They are used to set up different phases of products or services provided by an advertiser. There are more than 6 campaign types and they include the following;

A picture of the google ads logo features the sample Google Ads Campaigns featuring Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Smart and Discovery

Search Campaign

They include search text ads found on the search engine result page. The search campaign targets audiences in the search for your products or services. Out of all the campaigns used on google ads, this is the most utilized. It is best for targeted audiences with the intention of purchasing a product. Similarly, it can help boost searches for brands and services that are popularly used by drawing audiences from other ad channels.

A picture of a google search response page showing what a search campaign looks like. Features ad of lexus, research new models and build your lexus.

Display Campaign

The display campaign ads include images, banners, and videos found around the google display network. They capitalize on visualization compared to the search ads campaign. Display campaign ads are generally best for remarketing a product or service, marketing based on design resources, and brand awareness.

A picture of display campaign on google ads features Fanta can drinks of berry, mango and cherry flavours.
Display Campaign featuring Fanta can drinks

Shopping Campaign

Are you into the world of e-commerce? this form of campaign ad is for you. It showcases your products on the google search engine result page. It aids promote product specificity instead of clogged brand information. Therefore, customers get more information like ratings, price, name, and look about that product. This campaign is run by the google merchant center. GMC acts as a middleman between the e-commerce space and google ads. GMC analyzes and reviews the products to make sure they are legal and unharmful then passes it to google ads in an understandable format. This usually takes 3-5 working days.

an example of what an ad campaign looks like. features Ophylia perfume priced at 9,999 Naira, 44,999 Naira. Image has black background

Discovery Campaign

They are similar to the display ads but differ because they are designed to showcase visually engaging ads utilizing the standard audience targeting. Discovery ads appear around the google display network and are present on specific feeds like discover in google search or youtube home. Additionally, they are best as alternatives to display campaign ads, brand awareness, and remarketing.

Google discovery campaign ads. Features Youtube, Discover and Gmail

Why use Google Ads?

I mean, why not? Google is one of the most utilized search engines whose platform has been in form for more than we all can remember. Google is a place where a massive amount of people troop in either for enquires or for buying and selling which means more user interface and more clicks. If pay-per-click is your strategy in advertising your products and services then Google Ads is the right place except for Facebook Ads which is in a different article.

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