All you need to know about ValueJet

When it comes to flying, getting a good and affordable airline is the order of the day. People strive for peace of mind when it comes to the aviation sector. It is quite an important sector in the movement of goods and services. Over the years, many airlines have come and gone with different reputations to uphold in Nigeria. Yet, Nigerians still crave a higher level of affordability and safety. In Nigeria; there are AirPeace, Arik, Overland, and then the latest, ValueJet.

ValueJet is the new and most affordable domestic airline in Nigeria whose ownership lies on the owner of the popular Bet9ja platform, Kunle Soname. Their main aim focuses on providing flights for everyone with routes including Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Asaba. At the end of the month, other routes would include Warri, Benin city, Yola, Jos, and Owerri. Having a fleet of the Bombardier CRJ 900 which handles a single class with up to 90 passengers, the journey has commenced.

The ValueJet team comprises strong experience and competent bodies. They not only recognize what it takes to run an airline well enough but also objectify the real meaning of class and affordability. With rigorous expertise in business, Kunle Soname heads the team of ValueJet followed by the aviation management professional, Captain Omololu.

Considering the experience of the ValueJet team, it is important to know they have their customers at heart. Not to forget a free trip to all first-time customers. Their website is highly functional and efficient which delivers suitable and professional customer service to their valued customers. ValueJet offers various flying packages to every customer to ensure a smooth flying experience. These packages come in diversities to meet the flying needs of customers. The ValueLite, ValueXtra, and ValuePremium are all comfort-driven packages.

ValueJet Services

ValueJet provides a complete customer experience supported by modern technology. They are a group of passionate and devoted individuals who are ready to give clients the finest service possible. With competent hands on deck, meeting up to aviation standards seems to be an easy task. The services cuts across all class. They also charter services for both company and personal use.

The first thing to notice about Value Jet is its beautiful website. It is well-organized, informative, and detailed. It features a home page, an about, an online check-in page, a value flyer, a blog, and a login segment. The home page features everything about Valuejet; from how to book a flight to articles on the blog. The online check-in page allows a customer to book flights and check flight dates. The value flyer shows the different membership benefits, frequently asked questions, and also flight bookings. In addition, ValueJet also offers loyalty programs to valued customers, an effective customer service section, a well-detailed blog about the airline, and a section where special requests are responded to. The website presents frequently asked questions for easy assistance. Subsequently, clients and customers can subscribe to their special offers which are essential tips when looking for affordable flights.

Additionally, apart from including services on the website, their r-mail address, phone number, and contact address which is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Social media handles are not left out. In other to reach a wider coverage, clients can contact them through their social media handles for easy assistance.

Secondly is their well-designed packages featured on the website. The package stretches across all borders just to meet the client’s needs. These various packages include the following;


This package contains 7kg hand luggage which must fit in the overhead locker or under the seat, specific seats, and no checked-in baggage.

A picture featuring the value lite package of valuejet. It has a white background.


ValueXtra contains a flexible ticket, airport lounge access, 1 checked-in luggage, and 20kg additional baggage.

A picture featuring a white background, purple images and naira signs.


The value premium has a flexible ticket, priority services, in-flight services, 7kg hand luggage, exclusive seating, airport lounge access, and 1 checked-in luggage.

A picture featuring value premium in color purple and white background.

Membership Benefits

Customers have the opportunity of joining the Valuejet membership package. The package includes customers earning points as they use the airline and also access to the airport lounge. Every time a customer flies with Valuejet, they earn Value points. Class of travel, route, and fare are determiners of earning Value points. A customer can upgrade to premium or book a reward ticket with the points. Apart from earning points via travel, a customer can earn points by obtaining a higher membership card. 5% points for silver members, 10% points for gold members, and 15% points for platinum members.

A picture featuring a purple, silver, gold and platinum tiers.

Other points customers can earn include tier points and redeeming points. The tier points allow customers to upgrade their current membership or renew. It is valid for 12 months. The redeeming points are points customers can use to upgrade when points reach the threshold. With the redeeming points, friends or family members can utilize the benefits. The redeeming points are valid for 3years although, it expires if unused.

Booking a Flight with ValueJet

Booking flights is done via the ValueJet website. Which is pretty easy. The segment on the website is easily accessible. Bookings can be made by clicking on the flight search, online check-in, and book-now; all are featured on the site. The site is designed to display the number of available flights for a week or more.

Steps in Booking a Flight on ValueJet

  • Click on either flight search, online check-in or book-now
A picture featuring a purple background, a luggage and a purple arrow.
  • Input the number of passengers, destination, and type of trip for the availability of flights.
A picture with a white background of search flights page of the valuejet.
  • Click on selects dates
A picture with a white background and a calendar of the search flight page on ValueJet
  • Select flight package.
A picture with purple words and a white background. The flight information page of value Jet.
  • The trip detail page comes up. Be sure to accept the terms and conditions.
A picture of the trip details page of value Jet. Featuring a purple background and pricing details.
  • Fill in the itinerary information form.
The itinerary form of value Jet featuring a white background and airplane symbols.
  • Select preferable seats
The selection of seats page on valuejet. It features a white background, a purple heading and an alphanumeric word.
  • Proceed to the pay and checkout page.
The checkout page of a customer using valuejet. It features a white background, pay now and a plane symbol.

Payments method on the value jet app are the pay with card method, pay with a bank, pay with a transfer, pay with USSD, and pay with visa QR. Secured by paystack, payments can also be canceled.

As their motto says “We are creating a world where everyone can fly”, their services do justice to that. With distinct options for everyone and anyone, they are sure to make a world where everyone can fly.




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