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 My name is Essien Hogan, and I am a full-time internet marketer! Having been an internet marketer for 5years, I can tell you a hundred ways of making money online. I have found a way to add to my income source daily because new ways of making money online are always popping up. In May 2019 I  garnered a whooping NGN116,000 in a Week reselling WhatsApp Marketing Software. Now, I am helping people to make money online, almost for free.

Here, I am going to show you a secret method to make a minimum of NGN50,000 weekly from Whatsapp. I will also show you how to generate free Whatsapp traffic and sell your products or get paid to promote other peoples products and services.

This is an opportunity anyone can use to make money in Nigeria easily on a daily or weekly basis. It is a huge market; unfortunately,a few are thinking towards this direction.

Do you know at your comfort, you can start promoting your business or services to million WhatsApp active users in Nigeria or resell this Whatsapp Marketing Software to end users and earn money.WhatsApp Marketing is one of the most direct and effective ways of reaching your target market at NO COST. Smart people are already using it to generate a lot of money, and you can be one of them.


Why is Whatsapp Marketing  one of the effective ways to promote your business for FREE?

You see, Whatsapp has over 1.5 Billion monthly Users. Its personalized and direct messaging nature drives up opening rates and a consequent high conversion for marketers.

When was the last time you ignored your WhatsApp messages?

I guess you can’t remember because most people, like you and I, open Whatsapp messages every day.

It is this addictiveness and directness that makes WhatsApp marketing to a targeted audience very effective.

In this age, attention is the new money, and that’s why Coca-cola, despite being a popular brand, still spends Billions of Naira in advertisement every year!

You can’t get new customers for your business if you can’t get people’s attention, and no attention means no sustainable inflow, which is terrible for any business. Messaging applications are quickly over-taking regular social media, so take advantage of the gap in the market to promote your products and services.


Reasons Why WhatsApp Marketing Guarantees More Sales= WhatsApp is FREE.


It helps you get multimedia (images, ebooks, photos, audios, and videos) across to your contacts.

Your customers and potential customers are online, and they can’t do without — WhatsApp messenger.

It’s broadcast feature helps you send messages to as many as people possible at once.

So if you are looking to increase your profits through Whatsapp Marketing or you are tired of the old ways of advertising your business with Bulk SMS, then you will need WhatsApp Marketing Software to blast WhatsApp Messages to your target market (Audience)!

There are so many companies who have realized the importance of using WhatsApp as a marketing channel to help them reach out to thousands and millions of prospects, customers, and clients. WhatsApp marketing  has helped them grow more profits, increase engagement; come up with viral campaigns by using different media types like longer text messages with their promotional copies, images with special offers, videos with viral content, and even vCard messages with a direct phone number which can be saved with a click of a button. This is a very POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL.

No matter what you do or the size of your business, WhatsApp marketing remains the best and most effective ways to reach your target audience for free.

WhatsApp Marketing is being used by many businesses(small or medium) to boost their sales and connect with their audience; it’s a must-have tool for Every Business, Sales Department, Entrepreneur or business owner that want to make more sales and increase ROI faster and cheaper.

Whether you have an offer, sales, news, event, promo, announcement or updates, this software allows you to send up to 1000 WhatsApp messages/minute at once to WhatsApp users and it supports all multimedia formats, it guarantees result faster than email, SMS or any other marketing.


Here is the strategy to make money Reselling this software;


Once you pay N2,000 to buy this software with the license key.

You can even sell it at 5k each

Let’s assume you sell it to 10 people at N5,000.

10 x 5,000 = 50,000 Naira.

Your profit= 50,000 – 2,000 = 48,000 Naira.

You can even make more than this, in a day or week.

A few months ago I sold this software to a Norland Distributor @N5,000, and he later sold it to 10 of his colleagues at @N10, 000. He made N95,000 instant profit that day, by just showing them how the software had helped him sell more of his product via Whatsapp.



Using WhatsApp Marketing Software is the best way to keep a customer list up-to-date, doing it manually would be a never-ending affair, and sending personalized text would be much more complicated. But not anymore, now with WhatsApp Marketing Software, you can send automated messages with only 4 Simple Steps.

Scan Code

Generates unlimited Numbers and extract. (Watch the video tutorial for steps on how to do it)

Add Message (Text, Picture, Video, Audio or Document)

Start Sending.


Send Broadcast, Offers, News, Update to 1000 Customers/Minute

Get Real-Time Reply from Audience

Free & Easy way to connect with your customers

Supports All Multimedia Formats

Upload your Phone Contact in Just One Click

In Built Active WhatsApp User/Contacts Filter

World’s Fastest Sender With Personalized Message

Guaranteed Deliverability and Opens

Effective & Efficient

You can sell the Software to people and make money!






Just two devices – A Windows computer and an Android phone.


Q: Can I buy phone numbers to broadcast to?


A: Don’t do it! The software uses permission-based marketing only. We’ll show you how to get people to sign up to your list by themselves, plus a safe means for them to opt out of future messaging


Q: What if I don’t have a computer?


A: If you don’t have, borrow it from a friend. No excuse.


Q: I don’t have an android device. Can I use this?


A: The system will work in limited forms on iPhones, Windows phones, etc. For full functionality, please use an android phone. Any cheap one will do.


Q: How much data does the app consume?


A: It depends on whether you’re sending text, images, or video. We’ll teach you how to keep data usage very tiny so that your subscribers don’t suffer.


Q: For how long will the system stay working?


A:  As long as WhatsApp  is till existing on this planet.


Q: Are there any limits to the numbers I can send to?


A: None whatsoever. However, depending on your phone memory, we estimate the send rate to be 1,000 per MINUTE. That means 5,000 messages will take 5 minutes, etc.


Q: Have you personally tested and used this system?


A: Yes, we have thousands of subscribers voluntarily signed up to our Whatsapp service. They get our value-packed messages regularly. I’m just duplicating my tested and trusted system for you for token.






I am 100% confident you WILL achieve the result you desire using this WhatsApp Marketing Software.

And because I am confident, if you aren’t still satisfied with your result after 30 days, return this SOFTWARE for a complete product refund.

This SOFTWARE is not FREE.

Have you ever heard the saying “you get what you pay for?” well, that’s precisely what happens.

We do not want this to happen, right? So I must limit the availability of this SOFTWARE.

This Software is premium and can easily save you cost and deliver effective marketing.

I bought mine at N20,000 last year, and it has saved me a lot of money in marketing cost.

Today, you have the rare privilege of getting WhatsApp Sender Pro Software for just N2000 only!

This is my friendship Gift to you, and it is fo the first 10 people that will make payment!

After 10 orders today, it will go back to the original price of N5,000, and of course, it is still worth more than that amount.

Do you know what is very sweet about this offer?

I will also add a demo video explaining how to use the software. This is to make things as easy as possible for you!

If you purchase the software Today, I will give you another software that generates the activation keys! This means you can make Money by selling the software to other people and generating their activation keys!



Transfer or pay a sum of N2000 into this account below.



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3088300600



Text or Whatsapp, your email address to 08054000124 and your Full package, will be sent to your email within 30min. OR CALL 08054000124


Essien Hogan.

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